Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Tatton 2014…eeek its coming up quickly!!!

So…it is time for action!
We have been allocated a space almost in the same spot as last year, just a little nearer to the entrance but still alongside the Egerton Clump.
On our 7x5meter plot will be a 6x3 marquee for us to use for our ‘Produce-Best in show” village show.
So far -  I know Anna is working on Tomatoes, Hazel has a device for ‘squeezing things’ underway, Dave B is doing something with water butts and plastic ducks…..and for everyone who is willing to get involved we have  group project……."best in show – on a plate! "( this year’s equivalent of the Ceramic cabbages)
The project is for each of us to produce an image to be printed as ceramic transfer onto a white china plate. The categories you might address can be found on almost any village show website…see examples in following posts!
All you need do is choose a category and produce an image. How you create this is entirely up to you…. Guidelines on format will be posted above.
The transfers will be either printed on our transfer printer or will be produced in Stoke. We can then have a making day in the workshops getting them kiln ready!

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