Tuesday, 2 July 2013

"Its a start" by Hazel

I have finally spent almost  a whole day in my workshop thinking about and trying ideas for Tatton...I had been trying to think before and half started a few things...
Bought a pile of seeds from the "Shop with no Name" in Northwich very cheap and have begun on some dibbers and "Seed Tape" to aid seed planting...
I have done a quick sketch of what I hope to do..wish me luck.
I also want to test out the "Seed Tape" ..if I havn't left it too late.
Page from todays tests

My desk

Seed Tape

what I hope to do!!
DAY TWO..Testing out strips.

DAY TWO..Cress Experiments.
 Day 6..growing well,apart from the brown paper.

Finished  set of Ladies Seed Dibbers

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