Sunday, 14 April 2013


So at last I'm getting around to inviting all my fellow allotment makers. I have had many fantastic conversations about potential items for our plot and it is definitely time we began to act on them. This week I had a lovely email from the RHS who are really enthusiastic about our plans. I also checked up some of the dates. Build can begin from Monday 8th July and all work has to be complete for the morning of Wednesday 24th which is press day. The show opens on the 25th and closes on the 28th. All plots must have a leaflet, it must be manned at all times and badges must be worn. I think we can comply with this! They seem to be happy for us to have enough badges for anyone on set-up days and also we should all be ale to take it in turns to be there on the open days. I'm not sure if we can get any additional passes but we will discuss this with them. So far there are a number of very sketchy drawings of the plot, which I will post. It is 7 meters wide by 5 meters deep and has to be viewable from 3 sides. It also should be accessible if possible by visitors. The RHS are also intending to give all of the plots on the Great British Allotment section a 'shed/summer house' at the side of it for publicity material and as a base for exhibitors which will be a great help. Thanks to the Atelier project from last year there are a number of pieces of shed over in the Architecture loading bay that we can use and Helen and Laura are hoping to use two pieces with doors in as a threshold for visitors to enter. The other pieces will form a rear boundary and structure for hanging items. So for now, welcome. Please post your ideas for others to see.

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